I am a trainer and mentor to network marketers looking to use online strategies to grow a thriving business and have fun doing it! 

My focus is Applied Attraction Marketing and MindFLOW Mastery!

The combination of skills and mindset is the formula for success in this industry.  I can show you how to implement BOTH! 

Imagine attracting and recruiting highly qualified people into your team with ease on a weekly basis, how would that change your business and your life? 

I have been in the network marketing industry since 2014 and have been using online strategies to grow my organization since 2017.

Like most network marketers, I started with no marketing experience and a network limited to friends and family. After my 2nd year in business, I knew I needed to find an effective way to reach a broader audience and pre-qualify prospects so that I was spending my time talking to the right people.

I found a way to leverage my time, scale my results, and automate my follow up. And now I want to share it with you! 

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The Closers' Workshop is a 5-part email series giving you the exact process top leaders use to grow their organizations! 

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