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Hey There!

I'm Dawn and I am passionate about helping women have their breakthrough in the network marketing space!

Just a few years ago I was a burnt out occupational therapist and working my 'side gig' without much success. When I realized that I was not giving my career or my passion 100%, I made the decision to go ALL IN with the one thing gave me purpose, network marketing. 

But I didn't just quit my job. I also quit the side gig of selling shakes and cleanse, quit posting before and after shots, quit vender fairs and quit the saturated weight loss market. 

And within 6 months I became a top recruiter with my new company!

This wasn't by accident and it wasn't luck.

I was determined to make network marketing work for me. So I carefully chose my next company, my next upline, and my next strategy. 

In less than a year I went from frustrated and barely getting my products paid for to ranking up 7 times, earning the incentive trip and replacing my income as an OT, 100% using social media!  

But the best part was, being able to be home with my family and letting go of the stress of commuting and the headaches of working in the healthcare industry. 

Now, I'm not only building my own team, I am also coaching other network marketers to learn my simple process to attract and grow their downlines without spammy cold messages and awkward 3-foot rule conversations.

My coaching focuses on applying attraction marketing on social media to attract a qualified audience through authentic engagement, how to feel relaxed and confident in the closing conversation, and how to create duplicatable systems for your teams. 

And all the online marketing skills in the world won't help you if you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck, to the other side of my coaching combines strategies to rewire your mind. No longer will you spend days or weeks feeling discouraged without leads, sales and commissions. I can show you how to have mini-breakthroughs along your journey so that you are in a resourceful and empowered state to crush your business! 

Imagine attracting and recruiting highly qualified people into your team with ease on a weekly basis, how would that change your business and your life?

 Are you ready to see for yourself?

Let's connect! 


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