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I train and mentor network marketers looking to use online strategies to grow a thriving business and have fun doing it! 

My focus is Applied Attraction Marketing, helping you learn to use social media effectively, so you have prospects coming to you who are already looking for your opportunity! 

Imagine attracting and recruiting highly qualified people into your team with ease on a weekly basis, how would that change your business and your life? 

I have been in the network marketing industry since 2014 and have been using online strategies to grow my organization since 2017.

Like most network marketers, I started with no marketing experience and a network limited to friends and family. After my 2nd year in business, I knew I needed to find an effective way to reach a broader audience and pre-qualify prospects so that I was spending my time talking to the right people.

I found a way to leverage my time, scale my results, and automate my follow up. 

Now, I use attraction marketing as my #1 recruiting method

to grow my organization and train my team to do the same. 

Social Media Success Posting Guide! 

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