3 Steps to Using Social Media to Launch and Grow Your Wellness Business

I'll show you how to use social media to grow your influence and audience, attract your ideal customer or partner, and close sales with ease, even if you are a brand new entrepreneur.

Learn to Post on Social Media So That You Have Hot Prospects Reaching Out To You Daily

Product shots, before and after pictures, and links to your company videos are so 2015! Leaders are still teaching it because that's what they did to grow their teams just a few years ago, but the problem is, it's just seen as SPAM in a noisy newsfeed now. And their newbies have no system to follow to find success of their own.

Did your upline tell you there would be systems to follow, and after you enrolled, you never heard from them again? 

Or maybe your upline is just as lost as you are, but not willing to level up or look outside the box for a better way,

I hear you, that's exactly what was happening to me back in 2016 and 2017, when I was barely getting my products paid for. 

I was so frustrated! My warm market had dried up, my list was now a bunch of people that avoided me, and I was just about to throw in the towel, and admit I failed. 

How much longer could get away with being a pretend entrepreneur?

I turned it all around in 2018 when I skilled up in online strategies and learned how to market myself.

I was doing it all wrong, leading with the products and the company I was aligned with, instead of differentiating myself from everyone else selling the same thing I was, and showing the prospect what is in it for them (results). 

Over the past 2 years, I have created and used the system I teach in this 3-part training, and have not only ranked up to the top 30 in my company, but also became the #4 enroller companywide! 

I literally went from the bottom to the top in my first 6 months, and the best part is- I did it ALL ONLINE. 

Not one 'Hey girl' spammy message to an old high school friend, no home parties where no one shows, and no 'belly to belly' coffee meetings that took half a day. 

And now I want to teach you, because it's good for the whole industry if was can agree to stop spamming and start attracting! 

3 Steps to Using Social Media to Launch and Grow Your Wellness Business

In this course you will learn my exact social media formula to keep leads flowing to your inbox, how to take it to a messenger conversation, invite to a group, and then close the sale with ease.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Post that Convert

Stop wasting time creating mediocre content. Use these 7 types of posts to attract your audience and increase engagement on your page. 

Follow a Process

Have a plan to take your audience from interested to committed. Learn the 4 stages of a funnel so you always know where to lead your prospect next, without fear of losing them. 

Accelerate the Trust Factor with Lives

Learn the formula for going live and the #1 reason to go live consistently to grow your audience and influence, trust. 

Qualify and Close with Ease

I'll share my qualifying and closing questions with you, that allow your prospect to see the value in working with you, and will eliminate most objections. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course


PT, Network Marketer

Dawn gave me more confidence to go Live.

I love how there were so many "action items" in this short presentation. I walked away with a lot of ideas that I could apply immediately to my business to get results on social media. I used to get stuck  overthinking, but Dawn encouraged me with specific tasks to go and do immediately. So many eye openers adn take-aways!


RN, Network Marketer

My dream is now a reality!

I've had good leadership before, but until working with Dawn, my business has never thrived. Dawn's coaching and  social media training allowed not only my business but also my leadership skills to rise above. The hope of having a successful network marketing business  is no longer a dream, it is a reality!

Health Coach, Network Marketer

Working with Dawn has been an absolute blast!!

Dawn is a social media maverick with a gift of getting results!! She is super clear and laser focused on how to grow a massive online wellness business in service of others. Dawn is  generous in the value she gives to others and in the way she mentors her team! 

In My 3-Part Training, You'll Get:


Part 1: Posting to Create Conversations

In this first part we'll teach you how to create awareness of your products or services on your social media without pasting product shots or naming your company. You'll learn to create interest and curiosity with a variety of posts, have people engage with you and then create conversations where you can qualify people to take a step closer to your offer.


Part 2: Going Live to Grow Your Audience

It doesn't matter how great your posting is if it's not in front of the right people. We'll show you how to use live video to grow a massive audience and accelerate the know, like and trust factor. We'll cover not only the formula for an effective live but also the technical aspects so that when you will stop the news feed scroll. 


Part 3: Qualify, Invite, and Close with Ease

The most common question I get is," people are commenting- now what?". I'll give you the most successful calls to action and options to invite your hot prospect to take a closer look at what it means for them to work with you. And then how to follow up effectively to close the sale. 


And that's not all...

Along with the 3-Part Video Training you'll also receive 3 bonuses!

Check it out! 

Bonus 1
100 Headlines/ Topics for Your Lives

Never get stuck with a headline again! We are giving you 100 headline formulas that will help you become a content machine! 

These headlines will not only give you focus and direction when you are just getting started, they will also stop your ideal prospect from scrolling past you! 

Bonus 2
7 Types of Posts

To grow your audience and get the attention of your ideal client, you'll need to have a variety of posts that both inform, engage, entertain and promote. 

We'll cover everything from creating curiosity, inviting people to the next level, and the launch post where you can make your offer boldly. 

Bonus 3
The Closing Questions

Everyone wants to know the magic questions. What do the pros ask to close the sale and avoid any objection from the prospect. 

I'll give you my full list of qualifying and closing questions you can use in any scenario, so that your prospect makes the decision to buy without any convincing on your part. 

Dawn Sullivan

Dawn walked away from a 25 year career in healthcare to become a wellness entrepreneur. In 2018 she joined the Mental Wellness Company. For the past 2 years, her team who was grown their business exclusively using online strategies. 

Dawn trains and mentors her team to use social media and simple funnels to prospect, recruit and duplicate. Dawn was the #4 recruiter company wide in 2019, and her team is hitting new levels month after month. 

Hey there,

I know what it's like to feel burnt out and frustrated with an unfulfilling career. Listening to administrators and following mandates was not for me. When I was introduced to network marketing, I saw the vision of creating a life where I could fulfill my purpose. 

In the process of becoming a wellness entrepreneur, I had to level up in a few areas. And I fell in love with social media marketing, connecting with people around the world  that I would never otherwise meet in a local networking event, health fair or home party. 

I now train network marketers to use the same system I created to rank up, grow a massive team, and fulfill their purpose too!

XOXO, Dawn


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