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Many teams say they are using and training how to use social media to prospect and recruit. Then when you enroll on their team, they ask you to make a list of 25 friends (sometimes 100!) and start scheduling 3-way calls!

Has this happened to you?

 Even industry leaders are doing the bait and switch thing! 

Are you curious why they are not following through on their promises?


It takes time to learn and implement attraction marketing strategies, and leaders don't trust you to stick around long enough to see results, and get your business off the ground. So instead, they ask you to go after the low hanging fruit, bug friends and family, send awkward "hey girl" messages and even enroll your mom! 

Seriously, who wants to be in business with their mom? 

This is what makes our team so unique and successful! 

We are the fastest growing team in our company AND I will bet you we are the fastest growing team in the entire networking industry.

BECAUSE we DO what we Teach!

We share what is working in our business RIGHT NOW with you and help you implement it into YOUR BRAND! 

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We will show you how we have become the leaders in the wellness industry USING attraction marketing strategies. Our team grows 100% online. 

No more awkward conversations with friends that go NO WHERE! 

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After you request to join, you'll be asked who referred you- 

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"Who you partner with matters."

~Bec Sadek 

I enrolled every customer and wellness partner using attraction marketing. Most came through the same Facebook Post. 

Let us teach you to do the same and create your DREAM TEAM!