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How to Use Social Media to Attract Qualified Prospects Without Being Sales-y or Annoying

Is Using “Old School” Recruiting Methods on Social Media May be Hurting Your Business and the Network Marketing Industry?I think you might be shocked once we dive deep into this.Have you noticed how everyone is pitching something these days?So much so that every time you open Facebook you see another opportunity or product that “you […]

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5 Network Marketing Myths that are Keeping you Broke

When you first got started in network marketing, you probably heard several things that made it sound completely do-able. You may have even thought it would be easy. You’re not alone. In fact, I’d be willing to bet we all heard a few things that weren’t exactly accurate, but sounded good enough for us to say […]

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Four Posts that will Create Curiosity and Send Qualified Prospects Right to Your Inbox

Using social media to grow your network marketing business isn’t difficult- but still there are tons of network marketers posting links, cold messaging strangers, and adding people to groups without permission.  If that is how you were trained, or your upline is still telling you to do annoying (and INEFFECTIVE) things on social media, then […]

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