March 22

5 Network Marketing Myths that are Keeping you Broke


When you first got started in network marketing, you probably heard several things that made it sound completely do-able. You may have even thought it would be easy.

You're not alone. In fact, I'd be willing to bet we all heard a few things that weren't exactly accurate, but sounded good enough for us to say 'yes' to the opportunity.

And now those are the exact same things that could be keeping you broke!

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If you are feeling like this network marketing gig is much harder than you expected (or than your sponsor told you it would be) than you may have bought into some of the 'myths' that many uplines and companies are still spreading about how this whole marketing thing works.

I discovered myself that there are a few myths that are common across the whole industry, and even top trainers will use them on stage to get the audience excited.

I remember being excited too about how easy it could be to give up commuting, work from home, and actually pay off some never ending student loan debt, maybe even renovate the kitchen finally!

I bought the myths too, hook- line and sinker!

But here's the deal- despite it being much harder than I was told in the beginning, I wasn't ready to toss it either. 

In fact- I found that if I reframed these myths- I could actually make them work for me!!

And I did! 

I changed the way I thought about growing my business, and updated my marketing plan to a strategy that actually works! 

It's called Attraction Marketing, you may have heard that term. 

Once I learned how it works, and started using it to grow my own organization, I realized I could actually change around all those myths and make them work for me, and my team! 

Can I let you in on a few myths that I bought into, and then actually reworked to my advantage? 

Here are the top 5 myths that may be keeping you stuck in your business today and what you can do to move forward! 

Myth #1: "The only way to fail is to QUIT"

I know you've heard this from everyone from your personal sponsor to your company's leaders. If only it were true, no one would quit network marketing ever! 

Let's face it, there are hundreds and thousands of network marketers everywhere who are not quitting, but they're not growing either! Let's not pat them on the head and tell them to hang in there, something is going to happen.....eventually, 'just don't quit'! 

Instead of 'just don't quit', your sponsor and those leaders should be saying 'Skill-UP'.

Top earners in network marketing didn't get there because they did't quit.

They got there because at each obstacle they faced, they skilled-up

Uplines and company leaders everywhere would like you to think it's a matter of not quitting, sticking it out, hanging in there...but the real truth is you must learn the skills required to grow your audience and influence so that you have highly qualified people to recruit into your business or gain as customers. 

Skilling up could be as easy as reading a book, listening to a podcast, hiring a business coach, or building a website. Let's face it, you probably started your business with minimal marketing skills and a tiny little network. And you were led to believe that was all you needed. 

Sure, it's a start- but it's not enough. And neither is 'not quitting'.

Letting go of the 'just don't quit' myth is the first step in moving your business forward. As soon as you commit to skilling-up, you are on your way to the business you deserve to have. 

Myth #2: "Everyone's a 'maybe' until they're a 'yes'."

7-figure businesses aren't built on "maybe", or "no".

Actually, lots or people are no's and will always be no's and you waiting around for them is keeping you from finding the yeses. 

AND, continuing to offer your products or services to the no's is annoying and bringing the whole industry down. 

Yikes, you don't want that responsibility. 

In fact, being the marketer that takes 'no' for an answer will set you apart from most of your competition who keeps buying into this myth. 

Here's the thing, perhaps your products or service could be a good decision for your prospect. But the choice is theirs.

And continually following up by messaging, calling or emailing is not going to be the reason they change their mind.

In fact- they'll just start to avoid you. 


Here's a better way to handle a 'no'- say 'thank you' and move on. 

Remember the cat and mouse game? When the cat loses interested, the mouse comes out? 

Prospecting can be a little like cat and mouse.

When you back off, even take the offer away all together- the prospect may get a little FOMO and think, hmmmm, what did I just miss out on. 

Or, they might think- thank God she finally stopped talking about it! 

Either way, the best way to deal with a 'no', is to accept it.

Keep doing what you are doing, finding 'yeses' and building your team.

Once you change this belief, you're on your way to much happier business building.

Myth #3: "You're just 2 people away from 6-figures!!!"

WOW! How exciting, only 2 more people...

...what they are leaving out is that those people have to have mad-influence and likely be coming from another network marketing company, and then bring their entire team with them. 

I'm not saying that will never happen. But odds are slim it's going to happen for you.

Believing this myth will only keep you stuck and frustrated. And perpetuating this myth, by repeating it to your downline will pretty much kill your business. 

The truth is, you need hundreds of people, and of those you'll actually have a few that are working the business and growing a team like yourself. 

The myth that you are 2 people away is a lame attempt to make network marketing sound much simpler than it is, and it's a disservice to everyone working hard to find the right 2 people who have influence and persistence.

This myth can actually come in handy when you have recruited dozens or people and 80% of them are doing nothing, even cancelling their autoship. 

Change your thinking from 'you only need 2 people' to 'I have 2 people who are working and recruiting' will give you the energy you need to keep going. 

Focusing on the people who are working with me, not ghosting me, has helped me to keep going through those frustrating moments when nothing seems to be going my way! 

Myth #4: "Follow the leaders and do what they do."

Actually the best advice anyone could give you about growing a network marketing company is to be a leader, not follow them. 

Sure, go ahead and look at what they did to grow their teams, walk the stage, earn the trips, and the cash.

But network marketing has changed so much in the past 5 years and it will continue to change- so relying on the blueprint of the leaders will likely lead you down the wrong path. 

First of all you don't have the same network, audience or influence they do. It's not a level playing field when you get started as a newbie, and they are years ahead of you.

Even just a couple years makes a difference these days. 

Think about just 3-4 years ago when a before and after photo on social media was enough to have a dozen friends messaging you! 

Not any more. And in my experience, leaders can't always tell you what is working today. Some of those leaders started out by faxing in orders! 

It's up to you to develop the new marketing strategies to grow your own audience and influence. Take what's working TODAY and be innovative- you create the next marketing hack! 

When I saw social media being bogged down with the same old posts, I thought about what could I do to stand our from the masses. That's what leaders do. 

And if you become a leader, you will attract leaders.

And that's the biggest hack you can develop, attracting leaders. 

Become the leader of the next generation of network marketers. 

How? you ask. Refer back to Myth #1- SKILL-UP!

Myth #5:" All you have to do is show up!"

Not exactly.

Showing up is part of it, I'll give you that one.

It's true that if you don't show up on social media or anywhere, people have no idea what you are doing and your business will stay stuck in the rut. 

But showing up is only half the work. Showing up, taking action, and then evaluating your results (or lack of them) is what you need to be doing in order to grow a thriving business. 

Not every action is going to bring you new customers or partners. And whether it does or doesn't, evaluation is the only way to know what is working for you (or not). 

The idea that just showing up is enough to grow your business is going to keep you stuck and frustrated.

When you think about it, it's actually an employee mindset, isn't it? Just show up and get paid. 

Nope. Not in network marketing. It's not as simple as trading time for money. In fact, in the beginning, it may feel like you are working hours of overtime and not getting paid for it. 

Evaluation is the #1 way you can look at your business and decide what to do more of and what to let go of.

Show up, take action, evaluate.  

Now, when I talk about evaluation, I mean evaluation- not judgment, which a lot of people in network marketing resort to when things begin to unravel. 

Here is a quick way to evaluate the actions you took to identify how to move forward and achieve the results you are looking for- 

1. What worked? 

2. What didn't work?

3. What is one thing you can do differently?

Showing up is important, and then evaluating how you might show up differently the next time is just as important to keeping your business moving in the direction you want! 

Do you see how those 5 myths are keeping you and so many other's in the industry frustrated and broke? 

And if you reframed them a little bit, it could actually help you move things forward.

That's the strategy I have been using myself to see massive results in my business in the last few months. 

1- Skilling-up

2. Letting go of the no's and tire-kickers

3. Focusing on the people who are working on my team

4. Attracting leaders by being one

5. Evaluating what's working, and continuing to move my business forward! 

Are you ready to learn how to  drop the myths and embrace the reality of network marketing? 

My business began to change after I took a look at how attraction marketing works and applied it to my own organization and marketing strategy. 

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Cheers to your success!



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