December 2

Four Posts that will Create Curiosity and Send Qualified Prospects Right to Your Inbox


Using social media to grow your network marketing business isn't difficult- but still there are tons of network marketers posting links, cold messaging strangers, and adding people to groups without permission.

If that is how you were trained, or your upline is still telling you to do annoying (and INEFFECTIVE) things on social media, then this blog post is for you! 

We've all seen it- right? The product shots, the before and after photos, even the sketchy wads of cash! ..... I've used them myself, actually (not the wad of cash) with some decent results.

But, have you noticed lately that social media is looking a little bit like a yard sale, intermixed with political rants? It's true- the same posts that drove customers to me 3 years ago are repelling people now.

I realized I had to update my social media marketing strategy- but the problem was, everything my upline and company was telling me was the same old same old and prospects became fewer and further in between. 

One day I heard a successful internet marketer say something that was a total wake up call to me. He said "You have to differentiate yourself and do what others won't do."

Of course!!!

Now, I had been following a leader in my company for almost 2 years, using her Facebook formula for posting content.

AND I had also been teaching my team the formula!

10-4-1 they said, keep it consistent, 3 before and after photos a week, post at 8 am and 8 pm- every day.

So, I did it. I set up my Buffer, I googled topics, and I inspired many to ask for more information.

But, here is the thing- EVERYBODY follows the leader. And to set myself apart from the followers- I learned to create a new formula that was more effective, provided value, and allowed me to set myself apart from the crowd! 

Would you like to know the 4 most effective post types that allowed me to create interest and attract qualified prospects to my inbox every single day? 

Let me start with the one most marketers are still not doing! 

​1. Live Videos

 YES- that's right. People avoid live videos like the plague!

Seriously, it's not that big of a deal. Well, actually the big deal is that most people are STILL not doing it- even the top leaders!

SOOOOOOO, this is why you must! You must get over yourself and post LIVE VIDEOS weekly so that your audience will get to know you and build trust and when they are ready for your solution they will call YOU!

Your prospect doesn't want to see you as perfect, they want to see you as real, and the live video is the way to show them you are real- and then they can picture themselves doing what you do.

I started my live videos with a "No Whining Wednesday" series. People loved it.

For 60-90 seconds I talked about living without whining! It was relatable, funny, and inspiring.

And people called, texted, and commented- and wanted more.

Not sure where to start with a live video? Pick a day, a topic, and commit. Once a week for 60 seconds and let people get to know you! 

After all - this is still a relationship business. 

​2. Use a Story

2. ​Post your story, your best customer's story, your sponsor's story. ​

There is nothing like a good story to help people relate to your post and inspire them to want more.

Stories about results are obvious- BUT, a story about the pain or problem is even better. People want to get to know other people who share their pain AND then have overcome it.

It could be a weight loss story, but even better is a story about overcoming anxiety, financial stress, heartbreak or loss.

What was it like and what changed?

The best stories aren't captured in a before and after photo, but can be felt in the gut when the words are read.

Write 3-5 sentences about the pain, and a quick mention of the solution that will leave the reader with enough information that they will ask you for more.

Stories relate, and stories sell. 

​3. Facts

3. Facts!

Social Media is FILLED with opinions, blogs, "fake news".

Finding the facts is like a needle in a haystack.

And have you noticed most blogs lead you down a road where the blogger is selling a product. But where are the facts hiding?

I have found that they are lingering way down in a Google search.

When you search  topic, the first few links are ads, then the next few are blogs, then maybe, just maybe, you'll find some research with stats and other info that cannot be disputed.

These are the golden nuggets. For example- you're selling toxin free skin care. Spell out why we need this - what's so bad about toxin-full products?

If they sell them in the stores they can't be all bad- right?

Wrong- google what the World Health Organization or the American Medical Association has to say about toxins and cancer, or toxins and dementia.

Connecting the dots for your audience will help them see the value of your toxin-free product for them! 

4. Pain and Stress

4. What's the greatest source of pain and stress for most adults these days?


That's right, money. People in their 40's are still paying student loans while they are financing their child's college tuition.

We live check to check, then the roof leaks and we are screwed. So, what if you posted not only about your products, but also about your opportunity?

Granted- there still seems to be a lot of misconceptions about network marketing businesses- but  what if you posted about your new kitchen, your family vacation, paying off your student loans- all because of your additional stream of income?

Would an additional $500 a month or even a week change things drastically for most families? So posting about your income opportunity allows your audience to see you are much more than protein shakes or skin care.

Letting people in on the opportunity, not just the product experience will broaden your audience AND show people that this business is for people just like them!  

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