November 1

What should I lead with Product or Opportunity?


In this time of 'niching down', I'm going to talk about something that I would bet you probably have not ever heard from a network marketing trainer or coach. 

In fact I am going to call BS on a marketing strategy you have probably been taught by your corporate leaders and your upline if you have been in network marketing for more than a couple years.

In fact, you've probably asked this question yourself.

"What do I talk about, the products or the opportunity?"

And what is the answer your upline gives you? 

"You have to choose one, you can't mix  them."

Today I am ready to challenge your belief that you have to make a decision between the two. 

Why are we working so hard to separate them?

Side gigs, hustles, whatevers.... are becoming so common. And I would even say they are becoming essential. 

Families need to be planning for additional streams of income, and it's necessary for many families to just stay out of the red month after month. 

I turned my side gig into my full time mission, where I get to extend my career as a healthcare professional AND create wealth from home while raising my daughter and being available to my family in a way I was never able to while I was commuting to an exhausting job. 

Here's my answer that your current upline and corporate team is not going to tell you. 

STOP SEPARATING product and business! 

Lead with the whole thing! The opportunity to have total health! 

Physical, mental/ emotional and financial. 

I am offering a full on movement when I talk about joining my team. 

My business partners are my most loyal product users and my customers ofter refer people to me to receive free products or even upgrade to join the business after they have an amazing product result. 

And the sooner you feel comfortable talking about both to your prospect, the sooner your business will explode. 

Are you ready? 

Here's the deal, turn your product and opportunity into a MOVEMENT! 

People are craving a community, a purpose and progress. 

Turn your passion for your business and products into a movement.

Be super clear about who you help and what result they will achieve. 

And here is the BEST PART! 

When you talk about the transformation potential for the individual, expand it. 

Not only can your prospect get results, but they can be part of a MOVEMENT that helps elevate even more people. 

By helping others get started with the product and business, your prospect will be contributing to change! 

Change in her self, family, community and the world. 

This is what I LOVE about network marketing. 

No matter how challenging things seem in the world right now, network marketers offer hope and possibility. 

Restaurants are closing. Gyms, boutiques and other small businesses are closing. 

Big Box stores and airlines are laying off thousands.

People are stressed and strapped. 

Now what?

Time to ramp up the side gig. 

By creating a movement with your business, you are providing a much needed chance for your prospect to truly reach the next level.

We don't just need a great product, or an extra income stream. 

We need purpose, community and hope.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to learn more about how I am turning my passion for mental wellness, my experience with healthcare, and my understanding of social media marketing to create a movement to help thousands of families THRIVE! 


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