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Launch Your New Wellness Business

  • Are you feeling stuck in your network marketing business?
  • Have you found yourself in a saturated market?
  • At a plateau in rank and commissions?
  • Working with a team that's still teaching old school prospecting and recruiting?


Grab your spot on the fastest growing team in the industry?

If You Qualify to Work With Me, You Will Discover:

  • How to build a team of partners you really want to work with
  • How to earn what you are worth and make a true difference in people's lives with out ever having to convince or sell
  • How to use a duplicatable system that pre-qualifies prospects for you, and saves you from endless conversations with tire kickers
  • How to launch your new wellness business quickly with ongoing support, training, and fun
  • How to use social media to leverage your time and scale your results so you can still have a life

Here's what my teammates are saying about our training:

Are you looking to make a change?

This could be the breakthrough you've been waiting for! 

Why Mental Wellness?

The World Health Organization has deemed STRESS as the epidemic of the 21st century. And there is NO GOOD SOLUTION available to relieving stress without causing a boatload of other problems...until now. 

Recent scientific breakthroughs are showing us that the gut is just as, if not more, important than the brain in helping with emotional wellbeing, tension relief, and stress resiliency. The bottom line is, if we can get a handle on our stress levels, we can better manage our overall health and mental wellness. 

Researchers are not calling the gut the "second brain" and have identified that it is responsible for 80-90% of the production of serotonin and dopamine (our feel good hormones) and when the gut has a clear path of communication to the brain, it can help with modulating hormones, improving our immunity, having more energy and a better mood, and weight loss resistance! 

This is a very exciting time in the field of wellness and the Mental Wellness Company has the FIRST and only Gut-Brain Axis solution on the market today, making it not only a must for people who are struggling silently but also the most important mission for our time. 

A little about me:

In 2018, I decided to go ALL IN with my network marketing company and I QUIT my day job!!  I finally found the team, the strategy and the opportunity I needed to take my home wellness business to the next level. 

And I reached the top 5% in my company in less than 18 months!

I had found an opportunity that is unique and innovative. Our products, platforms and people offer an effective solution for a pervasive problem. And I joined a team where I could collaborate with other network marketing professionals, and together we developed a highly effective and duplicatable strategy which has allowed all of us to find success! 

Before this I was in another 'me too' company with a team that didn't invest in themselves or their business, and I was stuck at the same rank for 3 years. 

If you're ready to make a change and check out a fresh new company, join a fast growing team, and have access to social media training where you will actually see real results, enter your name and email below!