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Before I began getting the right mentorship to grow my network marketing company I was relying on my upline telling me to host more home parties, join a book club, find a new hobby, or friend request strangers on social media- all with the motive to sell them my products. 

If you've been in network marketing for more than a few months, you know these strategies are not only exhausting, but rarely work! 

I knew I needed to find a mentor who could teach me how to grow without annoying friends and family and pretending to have interests in things I really didn't have time for. I was ready to build a team of people looking for success, not spending my time trying to convince people to take a look at something they had no interest in. 

Fortunately I found this training and mentorship that is the perfect balance of mindset and the 'how-to' of growing your network marketing company online!

I've created over 6,000 leads online, and recruited more than 70 distributers onto my team, have rank advanced 6 times in 5 months, and have already earned my company's incentive trip for 2019! 

And the best part is, I quit my job and am now working 100% from home (or anywhere I can get wifi!), helping people to reach their health and wealth goals. 

And today I want to share my marketing strategy with you! 

You will immediately receive the Attraction Marketing Formula eBook to download and ALSO these bonuses:

  • Ignition Coaching- a self-guided video course that trains you in everything from branding yourself to closing a sale
  • One on one coaching calls with to assist you through the Ignition Coaching program
  • Access to a private community with experts in Attraction Marketing and people currently using these strategies every day to grow their businesses to 6 and 7 figures 
  • Daily LIVE videos from industry leaders with information on what is working NOW (Monday-Friday 1PM EST)


  • 1  BONUS strategy session with me to help you get started implementing these strategies for your business

Ferny Ceballos, Author, Attraction Marking Formula

"This is the exact formula I used to go from firing my boss in the Aerospace industry to making $3.5 Million in sales online over the last 4 years. Grab it now… It works!"