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The Social Media Success Posting Guide

This guide outlines my 7 post styles I have personally used to grow my business using social media.

In it you will have access to the exact posts that I used to grow my business and become a top recruiter in my company in my first 12 months!

Social media marketing is all about taking your audience on a journey and leading them to your offer.

It's never a one and done situation where you create the perfect post and BAM! you're in business.

Your strategy has to include a variety or eye catching, relatable and curiosity creating posts that your audience will follow, connect with and cause them to reach out to you to buy your product or join your team!

This is for you if...

  • You have writer's block every time you start to post on social media.
  • Your team training consists of 'copy and paste' posts that promote your product.
  • The last time someone asked for more information about your business from your post was....never. 
  • Your friends and family are 'unfriending' you because your profile has become a billboard.


This guide helped me focus on social media and create leads online.

"Before using this guide I felt lost on social media and didn't show up consistently. Now I feel confident using different style posts to draw people to my page and grow my audience. I create leads daily and have grown my business without bugging friends and family."

Amanda R. RN and Wellness Entrepreneur


I was brand new to social media marketing and this guide got me started!

"I rarely used social media to grow my business, but I knew I had to start reaching a broader audience and getting my opportunity in front of more people. And I was afraid of turning people off. This guide helped me grow my audience and create conversations with people who found me online without breaking my marketing budget! Dawn's strategy works!"

Angela, Business Owner and Wellness Entrepreneur

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