The Movement For Health Professionals and Coaches

Caregiving, healing, listening and empathizing can feel exhausting.  And if you are like us, you know that in order to do your best work with your clients, you have to have a way to reenergize yourself. 

We have partnered with the Mental Wellness Movement to allow us to optimize our own health and wellness, so that we can avoid burnout and help those around us thrive too! 

If you're looking for a way to improve your energy, focus, creativity and resilience and pass that on to the people who hire you, our workshop on Monday is just for you!

Our community of  health professionals and coaches will show you how you can have the mental edge, physical energy and emotional balance you need to have a massive impact in the wellness industry! 

It begins with self love and caring for our biggest asset first, our own mental wellness. 

To join us for weekly live events, click the button below and join our Facebook Group "the Magic 3 for Mental Wellness". Please use this same name and email to when answering the questions to join the group. 

Dawn Sullivan and Shannon Boyle are the creators and the co-hosts of the weekly workshop in the Magic 3 for Mental Wellness Facebook Community. 

Dawn let go of a 25  year occupational therapy career in healthcare and special education to join the Mental Wellness Movement full time in 2018. She has grown a team of over 500 partners and who are all helping share this solution.

Shannon is an IIN certified Health Coach who partnered with the Mental Wellness Movement in 2019 and has used her platform to help other health coaches understand the importance of protecting their energy and caring for their mental wellness in order to serve more people and raise the collective vibration!

"The workshop with Dawn and Shannon was absolutely amazing. Their fun energy and uplifting spirit in conjunction with their endless knowledge really fueled my fire and got me in the creative spirit. I was reminded why I chose to do this, what I have to offer. I feel less pressure and more purpose! Blessed for these women, and their passion to share with all of us."

Halle G

Mental Health Counselor

"Before I found the Magic 3 I was irritable, stressed, and short with my kids. I knew I could do better, but working full time as a nurse, raising 3 small kids, I didn't know how I was going to fit it in. I'm so grateful I found this simple system that helps me cope with all life throws at me. When you can have more patience, less irritability, less mood swings, sleep better, more energy, more focus, less brain fog and stress resilience... you can be a better nurse, wife and mom!"

Amanda R

Registered Nurse