Learn How to Use Facebook Groups to Turn Prospects into Customers, Clients or Partners

New Course teaching you how to use social media to attract your ideal prospect, invite them to an exclusive group, create value, and close the sale with ease. 

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I was just about to quit my wellness business altogether until I learned this strategy that turned everything around for me. 

Like many network marketers and wellness entrepreneurs, I was using Facebook to market my products and courses, pretty successfully.... UNTIL the news feeds started to get really crowded and I knew I had to create something different to stand out and get the attention of my ideal prospect.

I first tried the ATM groups. You may have heard of the Add~Tag~Message strategy, where you add someone to a group, tag them in a post and then message them... crossing your fingers they saw enough to convince them to join you.

Yeah, that worked for a while too... Until it didn't! 

And that's exactly the reason that I created THIS course to show you what is working NOW! 

My brand new Mini-Course

"How to Grow Your Wellness Business using Facebook Groups"

is ready for you NOW!

Just a few reasons ATM groups aren't working anymore:

  • Lacking community and energy
  • Testimonials are old and no longer relevant
  • Your upline admins are MIA

      OR WORSE:

  • Your prospect ditches because of too many notifications
  • Your prospects are getting stolen from you
  • You're not positioned as the leader

Who is this course for:

  • Health Coaches looking to fill their schedules or sell their programs
  • Network Marketers looking for more sales and business builders. 
  • Online Marketers who want to stand apart from the masses and create more sales

Even if you're systems are working pretty well, a successful entrepreneur is always looking to make a good thing even better! 

And that's exactly what my partners and I did over the past 12 months. We ditched the company ATM group (which had hundreds of testimonials and over 20K members) and created a fresh new group FROM SCRATCH that we could call our own...

The CONVERSION group! 

Never heard of it you say?

That's exactly why you should check it out. Being the "early adopters" has allowed us to be the fastest growing team in our company!

While other teams are still using the corporate run ATM group, we have created something new, fresh and exclusive. People are excited to join and when they see the VALUE, closing the sale is like buttah!

In fact- in the first 30 days of implementing our customer conversion group, my team DOUBLED their enrollments! 

How would that change your business if you could double conversions in just 30 days?


Are you curious how the conversion group is different from an ATM group? 

I spell it out for you in my brand new mini-course! 


  • How to adding value for free that leads to more sales
  • My pre-qualifying questions so your working with the right people 
  • How to invite to the group so you don't sound spammy
  • How to tag your prospect in the best posts for them
  • My EXACT follow up process and closing questions


  • Written Testimonial Formula
  • Video Interview Formula
  • Weekly LIVE Workshop Formula
  • Scripts for pre-qualifying and closing

All this in my new mini-course!

$199 Value

Yours today for FREE

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