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Social Media Strategies for Wellness Entrepreneurs! 

Dawn Sullivan and Shannon Boyle are the creators of Social Media for Wellness Entrepreneurs. 

Both have grown their businesses completely online over the past 2 years and are helping others learn to do the same!

Learn to use social media to grow your audience of ready to join prospects with our proven system! 

In this Facebook Group you will learn:


>> the stages of the online sales funnel

>> how to clean up your profile so that prospects clearly know how you can help them

>> how to create engaging content so that your ideal client or customer reaches out to you for more information

>> how to brand yourself, not your product or company so that you create a loyal following you can monetize with any offer

>> how to put your follow up on autopilot so it's not sucking your time and energy away from the people who really want your help

>> how to close a sale effortlessly because you have accelerated the trusting relationship

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