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Use The Closers' Success Tracker
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The Closers' Success Tracker

This hybrid between a to-do list and a spread sheet will give you clarity and motivation to take daily and weekly action required to grow your network marketing business.

With an emphasis on social media marketing, this tracker lists the profitable action that successful people take so they can rank up quickly, with a proven sales process.

"This tracker kept me accountable to myself, and gave me focus and direction to always know where to spend my time." ~Angela Cenzalli, network marketing professional

This is for you if...

  • You have been stuck at the same rank or commission level for weeks. months or longer.
  • Your team is quitting faster than you can enroll because they don't have a process to follow either.
  • You're sick of the overwhelm and exhaustion of 'winging it' and getting no results. 
  • The #1 reason people quit network marketing is lack of results.
  • When you and your team are frustrated and discouraged they either get out of action or transmit their negative feelings in their conversations. 
  • Attracting leaders and closing sales becomes impossible when you lack confidence in your process.
  • The Closers' Success Tracker is the #1 strategy to guide you and your team through a sales process that is actually effective, duplicatable, and proven. 

Massive Growth in 60 days

"My team enrolled 100 people in 60 days with this tool. They knew what to do, had support, and stayed in action! The Social Success Tracker is a unique and effective tool that my team will continue to use to grow and duplicate."

Bec Sadek, Digital CEO

Ditch the Busy Work

"The Tracker was game changing for us. It allowed us to get laser focused on the actions that matter to get results and ditch the busy work. It also helped us to evaluate our actions and fix stuck points. We used it when we launched our business and we rank advanced 3 times!"

Mike and Carla, Attraction Marketing Masters

The Closers' Success Tracker Covers the Most Essential Activities of Growing a Successful Network Marketing Business

This 4-part Success Tracker includes:

Knowing Your Resources

Too many times new builders jump in before they know the resources and can confidently make recommendations to prospects. 

Filling Your Funnel

Lead generation is essential to growing a massive business. Most people are getting stuck at this stage, and this tracker shows you how to open your funnel wide and fill with endless leads.

Guide Your Prospect Through the Process

After you create the lead, then what? Do you have a place to invite, an assessment tool to send, or another way for the prospect to evaluate your product or opportunity?

Close the Sale

This is the goal. Close the sale, earn your commission, spread your mission and help more people. The activities in this section will help you actually close more sales and grow your team quickly.


While you are moving prospects through this process, you are always creating new leads who are asking for more info and to take a closer look. You are going to repeat this success process over and over until your business is exponentially growing! 

Get instant access to the Closers' Success Tracker now!

Are you ready to see the exact list of activities that will grow your business if you make the commitment to this process?

Grab the Closers' Success Tracker now and get started today!

Hey There! 

I'm Dawn! I have been using social media to grow my wellness business for the past 3 years and developed this tool to keep myself focused, evaluate how I am spending my time and energy, and to create duplication on my team. 

My Closers' Success Tracker will help you plot our your day and week so that you achieve the results you are looking for in your business too! 

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