Are you Ready to Unstuck Yourself?
Accelerate your Network Marketing Results

(this time FOR REAL!)

Join our LIVE event on Facebook where we will dispel common network marketing beliefs that may be keeping you STUCK, and show you how to "Unstuck Yourself"! 

We'll show you the specific social media strategies we use to recruit, rejection free, right into our teams. 

Is this opportunity for you?

  • Are you sick and tired of being in a saturated market, selling the same shakes, oils, skin care as thousands of others?
  • Still looking for the right product at the right time that also lights you up and speaks to your purpose?
  • Looking for a company with a real opportunity to create the future you deserve?
  • Have you been frustrated with uplines telling you to send copy/ paste messages to old friends and recruit at the grocery store?

It's time to get UNSTUCK and discover how to:

--> Grow your influence without prospecting

--> Engage prospects without spamming

--> Promote your offer without rejection

To access out LIVE training:

1. Enter your name and email below

2. Click the button

3. You will be redirected to the Facebook Group "Unstuck Yourself" 

4. Click JOIN when you see the group

5. Just in case you can't get in, I will send an email with the link to the private group! 

Who are we?

Dawn Sullivan is a full time network marketer who after 5 years in the industry found herself flatlined. After sitting at the same rank for 3 years, she knew she had to make a change. She invested in training and mentorship to learn how to bring her business online! Skilling up and partnering with other sharp leaders and a fast growth company has changed everything! Dawn has 10x'ed her business in the last 18 months using 100% online strategies! 

Courtney Hackman is a skilled digital marketer who specializes in helping women grow their businesses online. She teaches her clients social media strategies, traffic generation and online marketing so they can have prospects flowing to them everyday. Courtney has recently found a network marketing mission that speaks to her. She has ranked up 4 times in 2 months using her own digital strategies and in on track to reach the top 5% of the industry in the next few months! 

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