Dawn SullivanThanks for checking out my page and congratulations on your decision to take your business to the next level!

If you are looking to find new systems and online strategies to grow your network marketing business, you are in the right place!

I began getting training and mentoring for my own business after struggling to find new leads, recruit more reps and watching most of my downline quit. I was frustrated but still wasn’t ready to give up on this opportunity where I saw so many people succeeding. All I wanted was enough to be able to work from home and be available for my family. But what I found was so much more than that!

During the mentorship I received I found my true passion- assisting others to find their personal prosperity. Not only could I now help people in my organization to grow their businesses, but I can also help others find success in the business they love.

Now I am passionate about helping you connect to your personal prosperity too!

Are you looking to grow the business you love to the next level?

Are you looking for a work from anywhere opportunity where you can create the life you deserve?

Either way, my systems will help you reach your ultimate goal.

With me you will not only learn a success mindset and also how to implement the strategies to create new leads online daily and grow your organization effectively!


But I’m not looking to work with just anyone. I want to partner with someone who…

  • Is coachable and open to feedback
  • Has a burning desire to connect with their personal prosperity
  • Prioritizes business and will do what it takes to reach goals
  • Is dependable and will follow through
  • Is willing to step out of their comfort zone
  • Embraces the fun and the fails throughout the journey

If that describes you or the person you want to become, then we should absolutely connect!

If you are truly ready for the next step- click the “Apply Here” button below and complete the short form with just a little more information about yourself. After I receive the form I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a call/ video chat